Potable water protection

How optimal protection of potable water looks like

Potable water systems have to be designed that the quality of the water in the system can’t get contaminated. To avoid a loss of quality because of pollutants entering the system from non-potable water areas, it’s necessary to install safety valves on endangered tapping points.

Water classes

The potable water regulation determines limits for substances which are allowed in potable water. This water is called class one water. Water which doesn’t satisfy the requirements, gets assigned to the classes two to five. The German authorities assume that potable water, which is taken from the potable water system, looses its quality. In bathing water, for example, it can be a bath additive. In a hospital the existence of dangerous pathogens.

The risk of backflow

It’s not permitted that water which leaves the potable water system has the possibility to get back into the system. A risk of backflow exists whenever the water outlet of the extraction valve lies below the maximum water level of non-potable water. Endangered tapping points have to be protected by safety valves so that a backflow of non-potable water isn’t possible.