Our concept

First and foremost it’s about saving water and energy. Cost reduction and environmental protection speak for our products. The easiest way to achieve that, is to refrain from washing and showering. Our products find their practice between much and no water. For us it’s important not to restrict our customer in his individual requirements. So you can reduce water without losing comfort. Our head showers provide enough water to do the dishes, to wash the hair or to relax, while water is saving at the same time. In the kitchen it’s possible to save water and yet to fill vessels without long time of waiting. Special products for washing hands like kindergartens, solutions for hospitals which offer particular hygiene merits.

The dialogue with our clients and our extensive professional experience influence the product development. So we’re able to offer a perfected line of goods for different application ranges. Key attributes here are:

  • keep the flow constant in independence of pressure (CFR technology)
  • long and reliable life period; guarantee over 5 years on the CFR technology
  • lime protection
  • vandalism protection
  • hygiene
  • comfort


Our products regard the particular installation. We offer different thread sizes, dimensions and finishing’s. Contact us if you can’t find a compatible product for your application range. You’re our concept. You’re the center of our acting.