Water and energy saving gets easy with CFR Technology

R.C. Mannesmann constant flow regulators (CFR®) ensure a constant flow regardless of the line pressure. You save not only money, but also Energy when washing your hands or showering.

CFR can be used anywhere where water useful and evenly has to be distributed or even saved.



How constant flow regulators operate

R.C. Mannesmann constant flow regulator is a component which maintains a predefined constant flow rate independent of the prevailing line pressure.

Constant flow regulators consist of a precision O-ring (dynamic elastomer), an engineered circular seating area (core) and a body (housing). When low flow or low pressure, the O-ring is relaxed. When water flows through the CFR, the O-ring is compressed into the seating area and reduces the water passage. As the pressure increases the O-ring is compressed further into the seating area. As the pressure decreases the O-ring relaxes and reopens the water passage. Therefore flow rate remains constant.

CFR construction
CFR construction