About us

The first big energy-crisis at the beginning of the 1970’s required a rethinking in terms of warm water supply. Central assets with a high loss of energy should be substitute with local assets like boilers. It was a big technical challenge to feed these small machines with a defined performance, so that they’re independent of water pressure. Thus it should enable comfortable washing and showering, so that the heating of water is sufficient also when the pressure is high.


RC Mannesmann has the solution for that problem: the constant flow regulator. It’s small, compatible, reliable and efficient. Since 1971 RC Mannesmann produces these technical marvels which are built in many other applications these days.


One of these marvels is the saving of water. A big challenge in our century is the sufficient feed of water for all human beings. So it’s necessary to handle water responsible. Our products help to save water at washing, showering and flushing the toilet without loss of comfort.


For example, if about 50 litres of water would be saved only at the daily shower, the total saving of water of all Europeans would fill the Lago di Maggiore, and that without loss of comfort because of the RC Mannesmann water saver. By the way, 180 billion tons of CO2 can be reduced in Europe, in heating water!


Many customers of RC Mannesmann have it realized. Leading hotel chains, hospitals, local authorities and enterprises are included clients. But there’s much to do to sustain our blue planet- save your blue! It’s about us all. Let’s start with us.